Words of Wisdom: Hunter x Hunter

“Try not to die until you’re dead.

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Every Second Counts (Death Parade)

Death Parade is an anime that will trigger so many emotions in every episodes. I was absolutely hooked from the very get go.

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The anime takes place at a mysterious bar where people who just died will compete in games that will decide whether their souls will be reincarnated or sent to an abysmal void. The bartender serves as an arbiter for the games along with a nameless girl as his assistant. Well, that’s the basic gist of it. However, my quick summary does not even cover the very essence of this anime.

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What I enjoyed watching was the various characters in each episodes and the development of their emotions. Every episode focuses on different pairs who each have their own story. While playing the games, shards of their lives and the moment they died unfold before them, and the connection between the pairs become apparent. It’s really gripping watching the connection between their memories. It keeps you on the edge of your seat because you never know who gets sent for reincarnation or to the void, even though it may seem obvious, until the moment the elevators close. That is one of the many reasons why every episode is so riveting down to its last second.

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Aside from the pairs, the relationship between the bartender, Decim, and the nameless woman is so interesting to watch. I love how they complement each other. Honestly, I hoped for more between them-ahem…like romance- but even without it, their relationship was still captivating to watch.

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I can’t forget to mention the OP! It’s probably one of the best I’ve seen. I usually tend to skip OPs since they’re repetitive; however, the OP for this anime is super catchy, along with fun visuals, so it’s a waste to just skip over it when it’s so entertaining.

Anyways, that’s my thoughts for this show. If you haven’t watched it, you’re missing out on something fantastic!

Best Anime Site?

For the past month, my experience with watching anime have never been better after discovering the site https://htvanime.com/

What sets this apart from other HD streaming sites is that it is completely FREE. It has 5 846 animes to choose from. Also, many animes have its English dubbed counterpart uploaded so you can easily choose from the two versions. Also, I’ve never had a problem playing any videos on it. The layout of this site is really clean and very easy to navigate without ads popping out from every direction or even in the videos. So you can watch ad free!

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My favorite thing about this site is having a personal anime library. When you sign up, you can effortlessly build a library of animes you’ve completed, plan on watching, on hold, and dropped. It’s interesting to see every anime I’ve encountered in one place. I surprise myself with how many I’ve completed and how many I’ve dropped. Maybe I just have a bit of OCD and feel like I have a need to hunt down old animes from my past and add it in my library, but in any case, it’s fun in its own way.

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HTV Anime has saved me from poor quality anime videos and inaccurate subtitles. I had a binge watching session of countless animes- new and old- after coming upon this site. This is definitely the best anime streaming site I know. I’m surprised it is not that well known. Maybe it is a new site? Nonetheless, I really wanted to share this treasure to everyone!