Brothers Conflict

I was lured in by the line up of 13 good looking characters. I just couldn’t resist this harem.Screen Shot 2016-03-14 at 12.47.07 AM.png

Brothers Conflict is basically about Hinata Ema who ends up having to live with her 13 step-brothers in a grand residence after her father remarries their mother. The only girl in a midst of the attractive Asahina brothers? Certainly, more than familial bonds are being formed.

I’ve watched other reverse-harem genre and personally, none can ever live up to Ouran HighSchool Host Club. This anime also falls below OHSHC; however, it is definitely one of the more tolerable and somewhat interesting on the list. Having been able to finish this series without a break already says something about its interesting factor.

One of the aspects that this anime  is not up to par with OHSHC is Hinata Ema’s character. Honestly, I can’t stand weak-willed, soft-spoken girls as the main character, especially when they are surrounded with men. Her character needed to tone down her damsel-in-distress pheromones. I couldn’t stand how she could easily be embraced or kissed by the brothers and she doesn’t even fight back! Like honey, where’s your girl power at? It would have definitely been more interesting if she had more spirit when dealing with the brothers.

Screen Shot 2016-03-14 at 1.30.09 AM.png

One of the main factors that kept me streaming each episode is the Asahina brothers. They definitely kept each episode entertaining, but I have to note on the lack of character development on some of them. I noticed that this season mostly concentrated on the triplet brothers. Of course, it is difficult to have all 13 of them with complex narratives when this series only runs for 12 episodes; so I really hope that this anime will have another season. There was just too many loose ends that needed tying. That being said, this anime did a good job keeping me guessing on which brother Hinata will end up falling for. In this season, like I said, never really confirmed any of my speculations, which is why a second season would be nice. I’m rooting for Louis and Hikaru because I think they are the most compelling out of the thirteen, but sadly, I do doubt that they will ever get the spotlight.

Well, that’s all my thoughts on this series! If you feel like soothing your eyes with beautiful characters, I would recommend watching this!



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