Animes That Are Just Not My Cup of Tea

I’m going to over generalize and say that everyone has probably drank something that wasn’t their cup of tea, so instead of gulping down the whole cup, they eat the biscuits instead and forget about the tea. A similar scenario can be said for animes. As an avid anime watcher, this is a pretty common decision for me. I admit that I’m guilty of dropping animes quicker than drinking tea. Here’s a few of the animes that I have dropped recently in no particular order:

*I’ve linked the summaries to the titles for those who are not familiar with any of the series discussed below.


Dance With Devils

I was excited to see good-looking characters, but then they started singing, and that’s when I said sayonara, ganbatte. I just found it too cheesy for my taste—not that I have anything against musicals. This one just wasn’t for me.

Dropped: Ep 1


Log Horizon 2nd Season

I really liked the first season, and I found the beginning of the second season still interesting. However, I think it was towards the end that I just couldn’t find the motivation to press play anymore. I didn’t really think the focus on Akatsuki was particularly interesting.

Dropped: Ep 14

mekakucity-actors Mekakucity Actors

I liked the visuals and it was interesting-ish, but something about it just made me reluctant to start the next episode. It might be because there was too much techy stuff going on in the first episode and my attention just wasn’t there.

Dropped: Ep 1

Diabolic Lovers  diabolik-lovers

I actually gave this one a second chance. I got further into it than on my first try, but there was just too much s&m kind of vibe going on that I got a bit uncomfortable watching anymore of it. Mainly, I tried watching it because of how good looking the characters are, but dang, why they gotta be so sadistic?

Dropped: Ep 7

Tokyo Ravens  tokyo-ravens

The poster incited me to watch this, but then I was disappointed by the character design of the main protagonist during the show. Also, the beginning of the first episode didn’t hook me at all and I wasn’t really looking forward to anything else, so I decided to cut my losses and move on.

Dropped: Ep 1

Hai to Gensou no Grimgar  hai-to-gensou-no-grimgar___otuupeblfj

It maybe because I was just fed up with the game genre around the time I started to watch this, or because starting an episode with the protagonist waking up in a different world was beginning to be too generic in my books, but the first episode just didn’t spark up any enthusiasm in me.

Dropped: Ep 1

On Trial:

zankyou-no-terrorZankyou No Terror

I kind of want to know what happens in the end, yet I don’t really care at the same time. I think the depression in this anime is getting to me which just makes me reluctant to keep watching. I’m not really a fan of Lisa, but I heard that there’s some romance between her and one of the members in Sphinx which is my main motivation to tough it out and finish this anime.

Currently on Ep 6

No Game No Life no-game-no-life

This series is starting to become too humdrum. I don’t have any particular interest in the characters. I think the fan service in this is redundant, especially with Shiro’s. I don’t know why there’s a need to sexualize an 11 years-old. However, I’m still considering on finishing it because I’m curious about how their game with the Warbeasts will turn out.

Currently on Ep 9

shouwa-genroku-rakugo-shinjuu___tecodegtyr Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu

I’ve put this on hold for awhile because I was waiting for the next episode to come out. But, then I don’t find myself wanting to go back to it, yet I know it’s a good series. So my mind is a little bit contradictory about whether to continue or not to continue. Maybe when I’m in the mood I will turn to this anime and finish what I started.

Currently on Ep 2




16 thoughts on “Animes That Are Just Not My Cup of Tea

  1. Well, it’s true that the story of Zankyou No Terror isn’t its strongest part but I’d advice to endure that in favor of cinematography and, of course, the soundtrack. It’s Youko Kanno at her best.
    About Rakugo, it’s was quite weird when the 2nd episode went for a flashback and, well, the flashback ended only in the last episode. This show definitely requires the right mood for slow and not that shiny but after all rewarding character study. I hope you’ll find that sooner rather than later – it’s worth it.

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    • I definitely noticed how great the cinematography is in Zankyou No Terror, it’s for sure what helped get me far in the series. I haven’t noticed the soundtrack, I’ll pay attention to it more once I get back to it! It’s kind of disappointing to know that the flashback lasts throughout the Rakugo. I was hoping for more story about the assistant. But I will still probably watch it again because I love how authentic the storytelling portions are. Thanks for reassurance!


      • It looks like the present time story in Rakugo will be told during the 2nd season. As for the flashback, it really deserves to be called the main story and present time works more like a framing device. At first it was queer but after 4 or 5 episodes I became so immersed that I’ve already forgotten that there is such a thing as a present time. The storytelling parts are really well done, especially when its teller chooses such a story that reflects upon his feelings at that moment that sometimes couldn’t be conveyed otherwise.

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      • It would actually make sense if the present time is told in the 2nd season. It makes it more chronological I guess. And that motivates me to go back to watching the series! You’ve persuaded me to take it off my on trial list haha

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  2. I have to agree with you on “Mekakucity Actors”, I somehow lasted six episodes before dropping it as I
    had no clue what was going on! typical SHAFT nonsense.

    I enjoyed “Zankyou no Terror” although it needed a couple more episodes just to fulfil its compete potential.

    “Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu” is wroth sticking with as a period drama. The last couple of episode start to put things into greater perspective in terms of the modern timeline.

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    • I’m glad to know I’m not the only one that was confused about Mekakucity Actors. Although, lasting 6 episode is quite a feat. I’m thinking that I will probably—hopefully—find the willpower to continue watching Zankyou no Terror since I’m halfway through. Maybe I am just judging too early for this particular series. Fortunately, I’ve already made my mind about continuing Rakugo because this is an anime that’s pretty distinct from the anime today. I’m glad I have an on-trial list because people have helped persuade me into finishing them. Thanks!


  3. Aw, I’m sad that you didn’t like No Game No Life. I agree, in general, I hate fanservice. I hate the exploitation of women in general. However, after a while I just learned to ignore it, and in the end I really admired the characters and their intelligence. The anime itself is also really colorful. The graphics are gorgeous. I hope you give it another chance! 🙂

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    • I wanted to like it. To be fair, I liked it in the beginning! But where I’m at right now is kind of dragging which is unmotivating. I still do enjoy the visuals the the premise of the anime. So I might continue it one day because its not as atrocious as the others on this list.

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  4. I think I gave up around the same time as you on Diabolic Lovers, and I never made it past the first episode of Dance with the Devils. We did watch Tokyo Ravens all the way through, but I lost interest pretty early so I don’t remember much of it. My partner in crime did like the anime though. I would add to the list Black Prince and Wolf Girl. I tried so hard to watch this one. I was screaming at the main character to drop that jerk like a bag of flaming poo and once I realized it wasn’t going to happen, maybe episode 6, I stopped watching.

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    • Haha I never watched Black Prince and Wolf Girl, but I read the manga and it was pretty good after all the asshole scenes was done and over with. I don’t think I’ll watch the anime though because I think the manga version is better.


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