What Kinds of Baths do Cute, Adult Men Take? (Orenchi No Furo Jijou)

Orenchi No Furo Jijou showcases the cute sides of hot men—or  is it sea creatures? In any case, this might be the first short anime that I’ve actually finished! I’ve never been into short episodes; however, this anime just kept me wanting to see more of what happens in Tatsumi’s bathroom!

Screen Shot 2016-04-10 at 4.21.45 PM.png

Is it just me or does his hair remind you of Pikachu?

Basically, everything begins when Tatsumi saves a merman that he sees collapsed on the side of the river. Then, he lets Wakasa (the merman) stay in his bathtub after finding out that the river that Wakasa lived in is now polluted with garbage. With an adult merman occupying his bathtub, Tatsumi experiences eccentric events and even more bizarre creatures that all occurs in his little bathroom.

Screen Shot 2016-04-10 at 3 Episode 11

I can’t stress enough how hilarious this series is. It made me laugh every episode! Wakasa and his friends are so adorable even though they’re all the handsome, adult men type—aside from the jellyfish. So, I couldn’t help but fawn over them. Tatsumi and Wakasa’s bromance is so funny but heartwarming at the same time. I love all the weird antics that Wakasa does, and how Tatsumi just goes along with it. That boy has such a kind soul. Everyone in this anime is so cute. SO CUTE. I just can’t say that enough!

Screen Shot 2016-04-10 at 4.18.54 PM Screen Shot 2016-04-10 at 3.04.44 PM Episode 1 & 8

The visuals in this series really stand out. When it’s not in cartoon chibi mode, the art is fantastic. The handsomeness and cuteness (can’t leave that out) of all the characters really shine through. My eyes were very pleased. Also, I enjoyed how this anime revolves around the bath. Coincidentally, I’ve been wondering if there is an anime that showcases the bath culture of Japan, and I thought that it would be interesting to see one that plays around with that theme. Although this anime doesn’t really focuses on the cultural aspect, it was still entertaining to see the characters take all kinds of baths, including an alcoholic one (I wonder if there are people who have actually immersed themselves in a bath full of wine).

Screen Shot 2016-04-10 at 4.50.15 PM Episode 11

This anime definitely made my day! I recommend this if you’re in need of some laughter. Since it’s only around 4 minutes per episode and only 13 of them, it’s worth the watch. I actually wish there was more episodes, I already miss all that weird cuteness in this series.



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