The Not-So-Colourless White/Silver Hair Characters

Throughout my years of watching anime, I’ve noticed how I was drawn to characters with white/silver hair. I don’t think I know of a character with this hair colour who was not attractive (aside from characters who actually have white, greying hair due to age of course). I think this hair colour just gives characters a mysterious, ethereal charm, along with their entertaining personalities. You will notice that this list only contains male characters. I know that there are plenty of great female characters with this hair colour too, but I’m not as drawn to them. So without further ado, here are my current favorite characters with beautiful fair hair:

*I’ve linked the summaries to the titles for those who are not familiar with any of the series discussed below


Inuyasha (InuYasha): Inuyasha is half human and half demon who partners up with a human to gather the shards of the Sacred Jewel in order to fulfill his desire of becoming a full demon. InuYasha is one of my favorite animes and also the catalyst of my white/silver hair bias. Although riddled with flaws, Inuyasha is still a dynamic and admirable character. He’s funny, strong, and protects Kagome with all he’s got. I really enjoyed watching him every episode.Tomoe

Tomoe (Kamisama Hajimemashita): A fox yokai turned familiar who serves the new land god, Nanami. He is the definition of loyal. Even when the previous land god left for 20 years, he kept up the maintenance of the shrine and waited for the land god to come back. Furthermore, I really like his aloof personality, and when he shows his caring side, especially when it comes to Nanami, it just melts my heart. Also, I can’t forget to mention how great he looks with long hair!


Mizuki (Kamisama Hajimemashita): This anime would not be the same without Mizuki. He is a divine white snake who was shrouded with loneliness after his land god perished; however, after meeting Nanami, she relieved him from his lonesome state which eventually lead him to voluntarily becoming her familiar. Mizuki is a great character. Although he can be manipulative, his innocent, child-like self is so entertaining to watch. He also has a good sense of responsibility and loyalty. I enjoy his interactions with Nanami and Tomoe. Personally, the most memorable scene he’s in is when he’s practicing playing on the flute to accompany Nanami’s Kagura dance practice, but he can’t even make a sound! It had me in stitches! Here’s the clip, but I think it’s funnier within the context of the episode.


Gin (Hotarubi no Mori e): It still breaks my heart when I think of Gin. Gin was abandoned in a forest when he was a baby. Taking pity on him, the forest lord casts a spell to save his life by making Gin’s body age slower than a normal human; however, if ever he comes into physical contact with another human, the spell would break, and he would disappear. It’s such a sad and cruel cost when Gin is such a sweetheart. Watching him is a breath of fresh air. He’s kind of like the boy-next-door. He would be one of my main reasons to rewatch the movie.


Shiro (K-project): a.k.a Yashiro Isana. He is the main protagonist in the series, and the moment he was introduced to the screen, I liked him immediately. He has an eccentric personality, and later in the show, he becomes a pretty impressive character. Due to his whimsical but kindhearted nature, he is a likeable character, not only to me, but to the other characters in the show as well.


Gokudera Hayato (Katekyo Hitman Reborn!): What drives Gokudera is his ambition to become the right-hand man of the 10th generation boss of the Vongola Family, Tsuna. And that ambition is what makes him such an interesting character. As a loyal character, he fights with everything he has for the Vongola Family and his comrades. Although he has a bad boy demeanor, he is one of the smartest guys in the gang. I think he is quite the charming character.

Thank you for reading! I’d love to know who your favorite white/silver hair characters are!


32 thoughts on “The Not-So-Colourless White/Silver Hair Characters

  1. Oh yes, both familiars of Nanami are awesome and their rivalry with each other is so entertaining! As soon as I saw Mizuki on your list, I thought of the flute scene! That has to be one of my favorites of the series! I think my other favorite white-haired character that was not on your list is Ki-ja, the white dragon (or white snake per Hak!) from Yona of the Dawn. He was so sheltered from the world by his tribe that he’s pretty clueless in everything except the legends of the dragons. It really makes him super lovable despite his almost religious following/dedication to the red dragon. And his extreme fear of bugs gives great comic relief through the series.

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    • Thanks for your comment! I watched a couple episodes of Gintama but it wasnt really up my alley so I wasnt able to finish it. But from what I’ve seen Gin-san is a cool character. I liked his laid-back nature and funny antics. I have yet to watch Nurarihyon no Mago!


      • I only watch the season 1 of Gintama xD I don’t really recommend Nurarihyon though. I only watch a few episodes of Nurarihyon season 1, but i still like his yokai form!

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      • Oh really? I will probably check it out anyways and see how I like it haha At least I can look forward to seeing his yokai form!


  2. YOU FORGOT ZEN!!!! Unless you don’t watch Akagami no Shirayukihime… One reason I continue to watch it is for Zen TBH (you should definitely watch it). You loveeeeee Gin and Shiro too!!! I also found out that the VA of Shiro is the same as Oikawa and I died so yep.. that’s all..

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    • Guilty, I haven’t watched it 😓😓 I’ve been meaning to though! I started the manga, but I always ended up putting it aside. I’m thinking that the anime will finally let me get far in the story. But yeah. One of these days I will watch it! Hahaha I love Shiro’s voice! And no way! I’m going to have to watch Haikyuu again to refresh my memory.

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    • Thanks! And oh yeah Decim! He is a really interesting character. I did enjoy watching him in Death Parade. I haven’t watched Mushishi, but I consider it everytime it pops up in my recommended haha. I just don’t know why I never end up clicking it.


    • So precious! And that’s why they dont live in our world *sadness*. I’m satisfied just watching them on the screen haha. Thank you for reading! I’m glad you found it interesting!

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      • Somehow your comment made me think about that Haven’t you heard I’m Sakamoto episode, where he pretended to be a fictional character for that crazy mom lol…

        But, it’s too bad these guys only exist on the screen… *sigh* cue the Little Mermaid music… lol

        It is my pleasure, I really enjoy reading the posts on your blog! 😀

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      • Hahaha I haven’t watched that anime, but sounds like a pretty funny scene! Oh the unfortunate side of reality. And thanks so much! Your words really encourage me to keep up with this blog!

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  3. Killua from Hunter X Hunter has got to be my all-time favorite silver-haired anime character and he seems to follow the same mysterious-trope that you are discussing in your article. Only when the show gets through about sixty episodes does his dark past surface to the light.

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      • Yes!!! It adds such a unique character trait to him, where you are introduced to his playfulness at first and then have a different opinion when you discover his work as an assassin. It’s almost like Killua is a double-sided coin, similar to how Vash The Nash Stampede was displayed in Trigun.

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      • I can’t say I’ve watched Trigun so I can’t make the comparison, but yeah his double persona is so intriguing. He is my favorite character in Hunter x Hunter along with Hisoka.


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