Anime OST: Bakemonogatari


This song sounds like a bgm when you fall in love with someone at first sight. It’s cute and cheesy, it’s great!



오혁 (OH HYUK) – 소녀 (A Little Girl)

I don’t know if you guys know, but I am equally obsessed with  kdramas/kpop as I am with animes. Which is why I do post korean music on this blog too. Also the reason why I haven’t been posting as much anime related content as I used to. I am currently in my kdrama phase as a break from anime. I don’t know if I will be using this blog as a platform to review kdramas. I was originally going to when I first started this blog, but animes alone are already a lot of work. I do have an instagram account: @sojudramas, which is dedicated to the kdramas I watch, so I might just stick with that.

Anyways, this OST is from a drama called Reply 1988 (a.k.a. Answer Me 1988), and it’s a beautiful OST sung by Oh Hyuk.

Anime OST: Zankyou no Terror

What a fitting wake up song. Although, I probably shouldn’t use it as my alarm tone because I just know I would sleep through it. I’m the type that needs that annoying default chimes in order to actually wake up on time. In any case, the song really made this scene quite lovely.

Here’s the full version of the song:

22 – Yoko Kanno feat. Ryo Nagano